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Mike Marsh Hats

Tres Estellas

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Mike Marsh Hats Hand-Crafted "Tres Estrellas" Hat

Inspired by the magical textile wisdom of Taos's Tres Estrellas Gallery and the man and woman behind the gallery, Chris Ferguson & Carla Bogdanoff! Hat comes with an exclusive serape hatband.

All Mike Marsh hats include a satin silk liner and a roan leather sweatband. This leather is soft and supple, and will quickly conform to your head for maximum comfort.

Beaver fur blend from Portugal 

exclusive color TAOS TAN

Hat Style

4” brim

open crown

5 3/4” standard height 

Size 7 1/8

Woven Hatband included

The style of your hat should reflect a combination of intended use, your head size and face shape, and your personal preference. People of the Valley have five different Mike Marsh Hat styles to choose from to suit any guy or gal.

Every hat is 100% hand-crafted ( zero machinery).  

*There is ONLY ONE "Tres Estrellas" People of the Valley Mike Marsh hat with a one-of-a-kind serape hatband. 

**Shipping and taxes not included!