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Antique Beaded Brain Tan Leather Moccasins

Prix habituel $450.00 USD
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Here's a rare opportunity to own your very own pair of genuine buckskin moccasins. These authentic brain tan leather beaded moccasins have long been the preferred pragmatic piece of footwear of the Native American world, possibly from Chippewa (named for their particular footwear style) or Sioux Tribe. Buckskin leather with a rawhide sole in the two-piece style. Brightly embellished with blue, white, orange, and red beads. 


These are in exceedingly rare condition. The soles are almost brand new. The beads are all present and in place. Absolutely no sign of continuous wear. May have only been worn a few times. 


Length 12"

Width 7"

Height 3"