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Consignment - Anne

Heritage Longhorn Boots

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While the term Westerner means an inhabitant of the west, this boot represents a kinship on a journey in a new, uncharted direction.  A treacherous path of defiance and resistance as you forge parallel pathways towards partnership and peace. These boots are a true Westerner's boots. Chic and classic, imbued with the rich and sacred symbol of the bull. Shaft is an everyday height of 9" with a cozy 2.5" heel. The leather is richly soft, perfectly primed to mold to your foot exact, and shaped to elegantly slide the boots on and off. These are authentic, handmade boots made in of Mexico. There is nothing more original than what these boots have to offer; undoubtedly a modern cowgirl's boots for life. 


Women's 8


Excellent. Very little sign of wear, save for slight scuffing on the heels and toes. Soles and pull straps in perfect condition. Barely broken-in.