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Consignment-Lindsey Thornberg

Lindsey Thornburg Basketmaker Shearling Coat

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We are in love with these Cloaks from Lindsey Thornburg.


This is a cloak for the understated, for the wise worker of potions, for the winter gardener waiting with ease for the coming of spring. Center of Creation pattern is based on a diptych fresco by Deborah Jojola. This design symbolizes how life grows from earth, rising through clouds. A central bloom releases seeds, which are scattered by wind. Arrows represent sovereignty, while curved elements show life as a continuing spiral.

Lindsey Thornburg has been collaborating with Pendleton for the past 10 years and is the first designer in the history of the company to have been allowed to cut into their blankets. Pendleton Woolen Mills is the oldest blanket manufacturer in the United States and produces Native American and American Southwest inspired blankets out of their Oregon mill for both apparel and ceremonial use since 1863.

A cloak designed to last a lifetime. Wrap yourself up in this gorgeous wool blanket with Shearling to keep you extra warm!


 27" long (center back), 27" long sleeves

Size: PS which is suitable if you are shorter than 5'4